Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 16 September 2020.

Our Refund and Return Policy

There is a refund and return period of 2-3 days from the delivered date of the product if the reason specified below.

  1. If the shipment arrives damaged, broken or partial shipments.
  2. If the delivered product does not match the key features labelled in product description.
  3. If the shipped product is obsolete or out of date.
  4. In this case, you will never ask to pay any penalties, surcharges or return fees.

For credit card and debit card payments (Online payments or at store)

refund will be only made back to the card within next 7-10 days and if the the refund doesn’t appear in the statement after 10 days, Kindly mail us to [email protected] immediately.

Return and Exchanges

Return and Exchanges will only be accepted under the following conditions

  • The product should be brand new as delivered, unused and in its original packing.
  • Product should pass the inspection process on the faulty to accept any refund, return or exchange.

Refund, Exchange and Return at store

If the product is purchased from the store, it is customers duty to hand it over the store counter. If in case he/she is ready to send through deliver , all the charges related to delivery shall be born by the customer and there will an extra cost of Rs.100 of re-managing delivery.

Refund, Exchange and Return via delivery

  • We shall arrange pickup for the item you posses. It should be in its original packing and unused condition (Used items will never be accepted)
  • Delivery cost shall not be refunded
  • Additional percentage as in processing fee of card shall not be refunded
  • All the processing fee related to refund shall be born by the customer
  • On every return or exchange via delivery, the deliver cost or the processing fee as in the percentage does your card charge is under the responsibility of customer.

Refund, Return and Exchange policy via bank transfer

  • if the product transacted via bank transfer that fulfills the inspection criteria for return, exchange or refund shall be subjected to the following conditions.
  • Delivery cost and processing fee of Rs. 100 shall be under the responsibility of customer.

 If the transaction is done based on cash on delivery or bank transfer, the refund will only be made upon customer visiting at store or debiting the refund amount to the customer’s bank account not to the credit cards you hold. Refund will only be made to customers to the credit cards only when the transaction is done through credit cards.

Please note any item you hold subjected to an inspection criteria which may take 1- 5 business days to assure whether the item you hold is eligible for any refund, return or exchange.

How product support works?

Visit dadabada.lk and type your required product or service in search bar.Then choose the product that you want and select the required item from the gallery.
Every product has its own pictures or codes, Take a snap shot or copy the code number and inquire from us through our portals chatting arrangement.
As a next step will provide you with the best customer solutions through our experts to deliver the product to your doorstep.